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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

5 Important Tips for Freshers

1) Don’t Be Shy, Socialize: As you are going to be a part of a totally new atmosphere, here you will barely find anyone whom...

DUSU Elections to be held on 12 Sept 2018

The Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) elections the most awaited students’ election contest in the country will be held on September 12, the university...

Insight into the world of Nukkad Natak- An Interview

While the University of Delhi offers various extra-curricular activities to hone one’s personality. One such pursuit is the street play or as it is...

Let’s Vouch for a Greener Planet This Environment Day

Hi friends ! The day that has just gone by has seen most of us with a charged selves with respect to our care...
North-East Festival Host Special Seminar NRC

North-East Festival to Host Special Seminar on NRC

The sixth edition of North-East festival is all set to host a special seminar 'NRC – Untruth, Half-Truth and Truth, at the Indira Gandhi...

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Types Of Students You Confront In An Examination Hall

Exams are a stressful I know, I really do. You will raise your eyebrows and curl up the corners of your mouth when you...
Types of people at Water Park

Types of people at Water Park

Well, my waterpark plan finally worked out last month and trust me Holy smokes what a day it was. So I thought of writing...
Types Of People You Will Confront On Holi

Types Of People You Will Confront On Holi

Holi is a festival of no judgments perhaps, that’s why most of our action can pass off under the garb of “bura na maano holi...