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Thursday, January 31, 2019
Wall Painting Competition

Spectating Colors- Wall Painting Competition!

As per the wall painting competition organised by Delhi University, Deputy Dean to mark the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the walls from...
North-East Festival Host Special Seminar NRC

North-East Festival to Host Special Seminar on NRC

The sixth edition of North-East festival is all set to host a special seminar 'NRC – Untruth, Half-Truth and Truth, at the Indira Gandhi...

The ‘PINJRATOD’ protest gained momentum!

The Pinjratod collective which has organised a protest today which started by four this evening in front of the arts faculty at DU, has...

Interview with Rhea Sachdeva, President of Glitz- Fashion Society of Kamala Nehru College

Pranati Bhatia from DU Times spoke to Rhea Sachdeva (President of Glitz- fashion society of Kamala Nehru College) about the changing trends and a...
Surgical Strike Day

University of Delhi celebrates September 29 as ‘Surgical Strike Day’

Universities and colleges in Delhi are gearing up to celebrate “Surgical Strike” day on September 29 following an advisory issued by the University Grants...

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Delhi University drop-out

Delhi University Drop-out Turns Robber!

Delhi University drop-out arrested after robbing people by offering them lift in cab robbed from Noida. Four other culprits along with him were arrested...
Delhi School of Journalism

Delhi School of Journalism’s Faculty Accused of Racism

Delhi school of journalism came under scrutiny, against complaints made at their Spanish faculty on allegations of making racist and regionalist remarks. A few students...
Four Day Working Week

Four Day Working Week, A Dream To Come True Soon

The World Economic Forum’s meet at Davos, Switzerland taking place this year is seeking much attention as the world’s big thinkers are talking about...