Funds in farms

The third Budget presented by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley for 2016-17 reminded me of the 2014 lok sabha campaigns where numerous block buster promises...

Internship Culture: The pressures on a student

In this competitive economy, it is hard to find good jobs, but the very fact that you are college undergrad or graduate makes it even...
Board Exams For Class 10th And 12th

​The Great Indian Study League

Around 13 lakh students appear for the CBSE board exams which are a battle for each one of them. All hope for a glorious...

India in crisis

The clock keeps ticking , the sun sets down to rise up with a new hope for a better tomorrow. Colonial rule died and  ...

10 things you find at Delhi University North Campus

1. Protests against the authorities, rules or teachers as well as street play are a normal sight for you.   2. Momos has become your only...

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NIOS Cancels Exams for 10th and 12th

NIOS cancels 10th and 12th March-April exams. Additionally, the previous performance of the students will now become the judgement parameter. Further, option to attempt...

Academics Ask UGC to Cancel Final-Term Exams of DU

Academics ask Delhi University (DU) to cancel final-term exams. Additionally, 30 academics have written a letter to University Grants Commission (UGC). The letter is...

When will the lockdown of feelings open ?

  The lockdowns due to coronavirus in India have started opening with the Unlocks coming into picture. Lockdown confined us to the four walls of...